Maternity photography NY, newborn photography NYC serving Queens, Brooklyn,  Long Island and families.  Professional and elegant  maternity photo sessions in my New York Queens home studio ..                                          
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Pregnancy and maternity are precious moments in a family’s life. These unique experiences provide you with emotions that worth kept forever. Maternity and baby photography provide you with the means to preserve these special feelings and the first times in your baby’s life.

At these times when a studio portrait just isn’t good enough, parents would hire personal photographers to capture the moments in their homes.
If you’re looking for natural newborn photographs, baby pictures, maternity photographs  look no further!
You  will  have a session in her home studio.
Pregnancy is the most wonderful experience that a female goes through and these delicate and valued moments are captured in Maternity Photography.The bond between a mother and a child can be captured far before the child is born, during her pregnancy. For nine months, women who are expecting become part of something beyond them, and something so wonderful, as they bring new life into the world. Some women are mothers only once in their life time, and those nine months never come again. I take personal satisfaction in maternity sessions because it allows me to create a memory of that wonderfully unique experience, of that bond, and give it to my clients so they can cherish it forever. I use only small props during the pregnancy shoot (small shoes, photographs of ultrasound, necklace etc.), my focus is to capture your natural beauty.

What’s more, for all this you don’t need to bring your baby to a boring studio at all! where  you will have only 15 minutes with photographer. There is no rush anlike in a studio. .

Maternity slide show