Frequently Asked Questions                            Call to  book your session 1718 8983676  NO EMAILS!

  •  Why  should you choose me as  your  maternity or newborn  photographer?
  •  Same Day turnaround time and you  don’t have to  buy any props. Not For Maternity session not for Newborn Session.
  • How do I book a session?

    Call me to book your session 17188983676.  NO EMAILS! You have any  question please call me.The whole purpose of taking maternity photos is to showcase your pregnancy. If you take the photos too soon, you won’t be able to tell you’re pregnant.

  • Maternity Sessions are usually booked 2-3 weeks in advance . To book your newborn session you have to call me same day baby is born. Once you book maternity session, you will have a priority to book newborn session with me. Deposit required to secure your shoot. A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is needed to book your session. After we discuss all the details, please mail me the check or you  can make a payment on my website. If you have special circumstances and would prefer to pay your deposit with a cash or money order, please let me know.
  • What time of the day sessions take place? 

    . All sessions done from 10AM – 2PM.

  • Where my session will take place? 

    All shoots take place at my home studio in Queens. Please click MAP widget on bottom of the  page to see my location.

  • How long does a photo session take?

    Maternity sessions are usually about 1 hour long. Newborn sessions usually last 2 hours so that baby has time to eat and fall asleep.

  • What should I bring to the session?

    You don’t have to buy or bring anything .  If maternity session includes father, he needs 2 t-shirts black and white.

  • For the Newborn sessions we need few simple blankets to keep baby warm, pacifier and a lot of food for baby.
  • *****Please do not bring any shoes ( red sole, green sole any sole….)
  • What should i wear?

    With newborn, mother and father must wear same solid color t-shirts (black or white). Most maternity sessions i use different color fabrics. On your way to a studio for maternity session,expecting mothers please wear loose fit clothing that way you have no marks on your belly.

  • When will i see my images?

    Your images will be available same day after the session. You have to select package and email me your favorite image numbers from proof gallery.

  • After payment is received I will retouch and email you your  images. With the Paypal takes 1 week for payment to be processed. If you pay cash, next day after the session.
  • How long proofs will be online?

    Proofs will be available for  only 1 week . No exceptions . If you do not order your images in 1 week all images will be deleted. If you would like to purchase more images in the future please let me know and i save all session images for you, no extra charge.

  • Do i retouch images?

    All images will have minor retouching. This includes color adjustments, contrast, cropping and other minor changes. Advanced retouching will incur additional fees.

  • Where should i order my prints?

    Link to professional lab will be emailed to you . I do not recommend printing my images at the drug store around the corner, colors may not match and the paper and ink quality is not the best..

  • Can i take pictures with my camera or cell phone?

    Please refrain from taking pictures with cell phone or cameras.

    Please Don’t be late! There are the time slots and if you’re late to your session, i will not be able to photograph as many photos as i was planning to. This means that you will have fewer photographs to choose from.   And If you late more than 20 minutes  your session will be canceled. 
  • If you plan to bring a sibling under the age of 4 to your maternity session, we suggest that you have someone present at the session to assist in watching them.