All maternity sessions, newborn  sessions done in my home studio in Queens, Maspeth.

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Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to visit my website and participating in my passion for photography.
Sessions are usually shot in my home studio. I commonly use natural light, which can provide the best quality photographs, but my sessions also are equipped with professional lights, which I may use if necessary. Much time and dedication is given to each individual session.  During your session, you can expect a relaxed approach to capturing honest, naturally beautiful images. We can together to create a more unique image that captures your individual beauty. Another personal favorite are maternity sessions. The bond between a mother and a child can be captured far before the child is born, during her pregnancy. For nine months, women who are expecting become part of something beyond them, and something so wonderful, as they bring new life into the world. Some women are mothers only once in their life time, and those nine months never come again. I take personal satisfaction in maternity sessions because it allows me to create a memo of that wonderfully unique experience, of that bond, and give it to my clients so they can cherish it forever. The whole purpose of taking maternity photos is to showcase your pregnancy. If you take the photos too soon, you won’t be able to tell you’re pregnant.  Maternity sessions are generally scheduled between 7 to 7.5 months, where the “belly” of the pregnant woman is usually clearly visible. Pregnancy photographs do not require anything extra to be present in the photograph to tell the story. Unnecessary objects in the frame may simply distract from the story that is already naturally being told.  I use only small props during the pregnancy shoot (small shoes, photographs of ultrasound, necklace etc.), my focus is to capture your natural beauty. You  don’t have to spend money  on expensive maternity gowns that is necesarry if you book session with me. My goal is to capture the beauty of simplicity and love behind the special experience of maternity. If you plan to bring a sibling under the age of 3 to your newborn session, we suggest that you have someone present at the session to assist in watching them. Expect your session images to be available to you via online proof gallery same day. If a  maternity session is needed more urgently  i  will try to  accommodatelast minute maternity photo shoot.

Newborn sessions are my favorite. To capture the most “new born” innocense and the most beautiful infant photos it is important to book a session while the baby is between 6 and 14 days old. In the first month, the baby changes quickly, and if you wait longer than 14 days, you may lose the opportunity to take quality photographic memories of your child at that wonderful “new born” stage. In the first two weeks, the newborn spends much time sleeping. Sleeping babies are the most photogenic. If you consult my website, you will find wonderful pictures of newborns when they are sleeping. When they are asleep, they can be positioned in different ways to produce a variety of pictures. Sometimes, a newborn that is dreaming can make irresistable smiling faces or cute sad faces. Remember, a greater variety means you have more choices of amazing photographs and more memories for a life time. So if you are interested in a newborn session and capturing your baby in a variety of unique portraits, please contact me as soon as possible after your baby is born. Babies are great naked! I try to focus on their flawless beauty in my pictures. My goal is to show the infant’s skin, wrinkles, tiny toes, fingers, and cute belly. We shouldn’t ruin the pure beauty of the infant with decorative clothes. I keep clothing simple, using wraps, scarves, blankets, and baby hats. I also provide props that give an artistic touch to the photos I take, including baskets and mini baby beds. Sessions usually last an average of two hours. However, I have been on sessions for as long as three. Please allow for three hours for all new born shoots. Please note, there will be additional charge($25) for any other family members or close friends who would love to be with you in your photographs Contact me now, and let me create beautiful memories of your newborn that you will cherish in the years to come! I look forward to meeting you and your precious newborn!